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Angry Video Game Nerd (Episode 75)
Bugs Bunny’s Crazy Castle

Released in 1989 and created by Kemco for the NES, Crazy Castle was a game featuring the one and only Bugs Bunny. The Angry Video Game Nerd is not happy when Bugs Bunny shows up to kick the nerd’s ass and to force the nerd into playing Crazy Castle. Bugs Bunny is still pissed off about the last encounter they had over Bugs Bunny’s Birthday Blowout and wants revenge for getting his ass kicked by the nerd.

Bugs Bunny was a great character, so Crazy Castle must be great, right? WRONG! This game is worse than a pile of muckspread turds! The objective of the game is to find the keys hidden within the level, collect carrots, dodge Sylvester The Cat and Wile E. Coyote…oh and to get pissed off at how terrible the game is. If Crazy Castle isn’t torturous enough, Kemco went and made Crazy Castle 2 in 1991 for the Gameboy. What were they thinking?! This time the game features new enemies from the Bugs Bunny show and weapons like arrows and bombs. These new features don’t help this game become anything better than the first game. It’s bunny dookie.

That isn’t the end of this saga of scat though, there is another. Crazy Castle 3 was released for the Gameboy Color in 1999 by Kemco. It was essentially the same game as Crazy Castle 2, and sucked just as much as Crazy Castle 2 did, if not more. The new colors are a nice change from the turd colored graphics of the Gameboy, but the game still stinks. Please let it be over, not another Crazy Castle game, but no, Bugs brought all the Crappy Castle games for the nerd to suffer through. Crazy Castle 4 was released on the Gameboy Color in 2000. It’s the same monotonous boring gameplay. It sucks.

Please, no more Crazy Castle games Kemco! Kemco listened and stopped making Crazy Castle games, but Tantalus Interactive didn’t listen. In 2003 Tantalus Interactive released Crazy Castle 5 for the Gameboy Advance. Only this time it didn’t feature Bugs Bunny. Instead the main character was Woody Woodpecker. What the hell does Woody Woodpecker have to do with Bugs Bunny? The nerd speculates on this, but is just as confused. The graphics were vastly improved compared to its predecessors but that’s like sugar coating bunny turds, it doesn’t make the game any better.

In this episode The Angry Video Game Nerd battles it out with Bugs Bunny because of just how bad these games are. Get him nerd! Boil those bunny balls!

Bugs Bunny is also known Chinese: 兔八哥 AKA 賓尼兔, Snurre Snup, バッグス・バニー, Багз Банни, Serapio AKA Conejo de la suerte, Snurre Sprätt

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Bugs Bunny’s Crazy Castle – Angry Video Game Nerd – Episode 75
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