The twenty-fourth song in the North American soundtrack to Elsword, a game owned by KOG and hosted in North America by Kill3r Combo. The soundtrack was organized and named by me.

The third boss battle theme in the game, which plays at quite a few battles throughout the game. This one’s very rocking in a way that’s unique compared to the previous two songs. I really like it. I noticed a trend in the boss battles for it that they seemed like they were more sentient or skilled at combat than previous bosses and all know how to use weapons (with the exception of the first boss this plays for), so “Worthy Opponent” fit like a glove.

Plays during the battles with the Ancient Phoru at the White Mist Swamp (1-3), William Phoru at Wally’s Castle Suburbs (2-4), the Lizardman Warriors at Dragon Road (3-1), Elder Berauk at Bethma Lake (3-2), and with Raven on the Black Crow (4-1). Also plays at the arena map, ‘Wally’s Castle Rooftop’. Used to play during the boss battles with the Ancient Phoru North of the Tree of El (1-5), and with Dark Berauk in Matthew Bass Canyons (3-4) in older versions of Elsword.

Download the Elsword NA soundtrack here:

Elsword OST 024 – ‘Worthy Opponent’
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