Angry Video Game Nerd (Episode 72)Transformers

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In Episode 72, the Nerd plays his first ever cassette as he pops in Transformers for the Commodore 64, this being the first Transformers game in the cartoon’s franchise. After a series of light shows, the game turns out to be more of a strategic board game-esque type of endeavor. The only break you get is an occasional first person shooter that looks like a Missile Command ripoff.

But don’t fear, there was another game released, except it was solely released in Japan. “Mystery of Optimus Prime” is a typical side-scrolling platfomer but just like Silver Surfer, this game is loaded with enemies that appear out of thin air and take your life. Regardless of where you shoot your weapon, you have to be perfect to hit the enemies, James describes it very accurately.

After taking a swig of Billy Mitchell’s hot sauce, James attempts to make it through the game, only leading to the highest levels of frustration.Once reaching Stage 9, the game becomes a labyrinth of guessing patterns, only to dupe you once again when Stage 10 is revealed. Let’s just put it this way, to deal with the constant enemies killing you and the terrible endless music loops, you’re going to need a lot of hot sauce…

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Transformers – Famicom – Angry Video Game Nerd – Episode 72
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